Frequently asked questions

Call you local funeral home to set up an appointment to discuss the funeral plans. (ie. A traditional funeral with casket with visitation or a cremation with or without visitation).

The funeral home will help coordinate arrangements with the church, minister, clergy and cemetery.

You will need to bring the following information to your appointment. This information is required for vital statistics.

• Birth date of the deceased

• Birthplace of the deceased

• Father’s name

• Father’s birthplace

• Mother’s maiden name

• Mother’s birthplace

• Marital status

• Employment

• A photo for publication on the funeral home website and newspapers

Gather obituary information you want to include such as age, place of birth, occupation, college degrees, memberships, military service, list of surviving family members. Include time and place of services. The funeral home will guide you and can write the obituary for you.

We will provide you with a post funeral check list to provide information on what should be cancelled. (ie: medical card, driver’s license, old age security, insurance, etc.) 

The funeral home chapel holds roughly 200 people. It also offers a reception area.

Elhatton's Funeral Home is now a selling agent for Heritage memorials.  Drop by to pick up a catalogue, visit www.heritagememorials.com or call our office to make an appointment to speak to one of our representatives. 

Funerals are important for a period of mourning for those who have lost a loved one. It provides family members and friends an opportunity to gather in support and share thoughts and sympathies. Funerals show respect for the deceased and allows the surviving family and friends to begin the grieving process.

Yes, it is possible to have visitation and funeral with a casket and then be cremated afterwards.  

Yes. Laws state that only one person be cremated at a time.

In New Brunswick, 48 hours must pass and all authorizations from the coroner’s office must be obtained before cremation can take place.

Yes, pre-arrangements are done for the peace of mind and the stress it can relive from the family at the time of death.

Your wishes will be known and your family won't have to make decisions for you, allowing them to begin the grieving process.

Because you will be paying for a funeral in full at today's prices, and the funds are set aside and placed into a trust account, the price will not increase at the time of a death.

You may contact the funeral home to set up an appointment to discuss prearrangements.

No, however, prepaying your funeral does guarantee the cost of the funeral will not increase at the time of death. 

Trust funds are established to place monies that are paid to the funeral home, to ensure that those dollars will be available at the time of a death, thus eliminating the burden on the surviving family members both financially and emotionally.

At the time a funeral is prepaid, your money is placed into a specifically numbered trust account between the funeral home and the client. This money is locked into place and can not be accessed by even the funeral home until such time as our services have been rendered and a copy of the Statement of Death is issued to the Trust Company. It is only at this time, all monies in that fund go directly to the funeral home.

Trust funds are strictly handled by the funeral homes and only qualified, licensed funeral directors who also have a license to do prearrangements are qualified to take your funds and place them into a trust account. All trust fund accounts are audited and monitored by the New Brunswick Department of Justice on an ongoing basis.

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